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  2. Thursday, 16 July 2020
Hi there

My client has 2 caravans which he would like to rent out. SP Booking would be just the right thing, but is very extensive. I would like to introduce the motorhome with some photos in a gallery. Additionally a description with all features of the vehicle. In addition, there are special items for rent (Stand Up Paddle $8 per day, electric scooter $5 per day, grill $3 per day), which the customer can choose if needed. Of course, the availability of the caravan should be shown and should be bookable accordingly. The price per day should also be visible.
How can I do all this? I have looked at the documentation, but it was made for hotels. So I only need a few features of it. Is that possible?

Accepted Answer
really sorry, but we do not make customizations,
I guess you can find a developer (in your city, country) who can change our code a little bit to fit your project in a few days.
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