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  2. Monday, 20 January 2020

I have some style questions regarding OneClip template, please.

1. Portfolio

How can I delete the date (date is not current) and tags at the end of the text in the items of SP Simple Portfolio (see picture 2)?

2. Overlays
The row Prices has an overlay. I would like to have an overlay in the contact form, too. But it seem not to have the same function as the Prices Box. Is this true? Your picture in your standard OneClip template looks like an overlay. Or is this a normal pic? Where can I find this pic, please?

Thanks a lot!
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Accepted Answer
About the pricing section(row) background image it was added by template style because this Row has "pricing" ID name.

It means that use this same ID name in Row Options.

For contact form we used ID name "app-contact-form"

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.sp-simpleportfolio .sp-simpleportfolio-meta {display: none;}

I used to hide date and tags etc.
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ad 1) Yes, by using custom CSS to hide it.

ad 2) Add screenshot.
You can use background image for all rows, just upload.
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