1. SP Page Builder 1.x (not supported version)
  2. Monday, 30 November 2015
I create a lot of pages where users can access files for download. Most often they are course related text for students to read in .pdf format and all files are bundled in a .zip.

SP Page Builder Add-ons include images and videos however no Add-On seems possible for files (PDF and other formats). Does a solution exist or could the Image Add-On file filter be expanded to include (.zip and .pdf) formats.

How to recreate:
1. Create a new page in SP Page Builder
2. Add the image Add-On
3. Edit the Image Add-On - using select file configuration
4. Browse local computer for a file ending in .PDF
5. Upload the file. (Up to this point this all works great)
6. Now browser the Add-On file dialog (folders and files found on the site)
The .pdsf file does not appear, yet if you visit the /images directory the .pdf file is actually listed in the directory.
7. At this point using the image Add-On as a work around to uploading files does not work as hoped.

Since the browser is limited to image files or video files the .pdf can not be selected to insert.

If the filter for the images Add-On were opened up to include (.zip and .pdf) this would be a great short term work around.

Could you recommend an alternative for admin's that does not require using FTP and custom HTML such as an edit to the php that would allow me to modify the filter as described?

Best regards and thank you in advance for your recommendation and guidance.

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Thanks for your query. This feature are not available in sp pagebuilder. We will try to give this type of feature in future. Just keep in touch with us, you will get notification about update. For solve this issues you can use below procedure. If you need more help

1. upload your pdf file or zip file via ftp or media manager
3. Find out your pdf link location as like below path

This is so frustrating.

I also have a client that would like to add PDF files as mentioned above by tkabe.

Toufiq: the solution you provide is exactly why my client is trying to prevent. SP Page Builder is suppose to be a tool that allows novice website developers to create web pages and add content to their website.

Instructing a client to have to manually find the path for each and every link they want to insert is definitely not what I would call a "novice" solution!

Please please please update your version of TinyMCE or add some addition plugins such as:

Responsive 9 Filemanager: http://responsivefilemanager.com/ Or Open Manager: http://www.designsandcode.com/261/open-manager-tinymce-file-manager/

I have already spent hours trying to find a solution in your forums but all I find is year-old posts and promises without any solutions.

After purchasing SP Page Builder and spending many hours setting up my client's website they are now at the point were they are considering completely rebuilding it precisely because they have to insert link path manually.

I am completely with you on this one. If nothing changes in 2017, this will be my last year with SP Page Builder. :(

Thanks for your reply. Did you check latest version of sp page builder?

I need this feature too. Please give us support for file upload and download or any comercial file manager or joomla content plugins.

Please use button addon of the latest version of page builder.

Hello Toufiq,

i can not find the right addon which privides these features. Please point me to the right direction.

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Hello Toufiq

Thanks for your reply. Your Screenshoots solved my problem.

Hello Toufiq

Thanks for your reply. Your Screenshoots solved my problem.


Hi, Thanks for your reply & you are most welcome. Thanks
Is there a maximum file size for PDF attachments? I'm trying to upload a 18.9MB pdf, and it just keeps spinning, even after reaching 100%...
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Hi there,

I have checked from my end and increased the file size. Then it works fine.



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