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  2. Thursday, 30 July 2020
I redesigned our website using the Indigo template on one of the domains we use to redirect people to our actual site. The social media icons show up at the top-right of the screen as they're supposed to with this site, but I just cloned the site using cPanel's Installatron to our real domain, and now those icons have disappeared.

I inspected the code, and it looks like the code on the new site is missing "::before" between the icon spans. How do I add this back in?

Here's the code on the site that works (http://samuelslibrary.org):
original site.jpg

Here's the code on the cloned site (https://samuelslibrary.net):
cloned site.jpg

Thank you,
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Just use a different browser to make sure it's not a cache issue.
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Hi Jessica,
I see them now on both!
.net clone site
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I see it now! I had to disable my ad blocker in Chrome.

Thank you!
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That's why I always recommend checking on 2-3 browsers before using the "Panic" button. :p

Very nice looking website, I love libraries anyway. Magic places.
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