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  2. Thursday, 29 March 2018
Hi guys,
as far as I understand the Social Icons should follow a "Contact" behaviour, not a "Share" behaviour, because being into Helix Ultimate template will be shown into all pages site (probably) and because for Article Sharing there are a lot of plugins on joomla Extensions.
Infact the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ones simply open the Facebook page / Twitter page etc. just to say "we are on facebook, you can follow us clicking I Like"... perfect !
This is why WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Messenger... should work like "Contact", not "Share"...

1 - WhatsApp / Skype - Adding the username (telephone number) try to share, asking which contact, while should open a chat where to comunicate with the site !
The behaviour should be like:
Jo WhatsApp Contact Button - demo

2 - WhatsApp - When on desktop should open it into web.whatsapp.com platform, while right know try to look for the application that doesn't exist

3 - WeChat - A must, because, as you know, there are a lot of restrictions in China, and a CHina Contact system like, the most famous, WeChat is a must

4 - Ordering Social Icons - A way to do that is a must, like Drag and Drop the "Icon Fields" to ordening the Icons positions.

5 - Custom Fields - Social Icons solution have a lot of preinstalled fields, a lot of preinstalled code (not Raw) and with just the possibility to add an extra Icon, just one (too Limited).
Helix Ultimate have yet a powerful very Raw solution, would be like for Wrapper / Blocks solution, Why not have, at least, the possibility to add as many as "Custom Fields" (Icons) as we need ?

6 - Hover / Linked - by default when mouse is over the icon color change, but when clicked should come back to the default color, while right now stop to the mouseover color...

Thanks for attention...
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thanks for all suggestions,
I will add them into our dashboard for internal (team) discussion.
That's all I can do for now.
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Hi Paul,
Please, let us know as you have an update and know something, thanks !

Anyway, you should consider points 2, 6 and also 1 as "bugs"...

7 - Why not to separate the "Contact Icons" like Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger from the Social Icons accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram ?
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Hi guys,
keeping update the topic, latest 1.0.2 release, as far as I see no changes, 1 / 2 / 6 "bugs/issues" are still there , aren't they ?!?
...And no improvements about other points...

Please, at least:
4 - Ordering Social Icons - Is there a way to establish the ordering into the code manually ?
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Helix Ultimate have one Custom Field for Social Icon - in most cases is OK, if is not, anytime you can use Custom Module and publish in this same module position.
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