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  2. Thursday, 17 April 2014
Hi folks!

I'm using Helix II and i'm loving it! Great stuff!

But i'm knocking my head at the walls with this little problem. Can't make a scroll menu work properly inside the right position of template. No matter how i settle, it forces the base limit of the section down, extending the height of its original limits. I've tried several modules, like this one: http://mastermarketingdigital.org/open-source-joomla-extensions/smart-scroll-menu

I need that menu to act above the content, just like the classic mega menu behaves, "flying" above the site content. But the scrool menu insists to push down the position's baseline, ruining my layout.

I hope i've been clear. I'l try to attach some screenshots, because my site is on localhost righ now.

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Any thoughts?
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Guys I seriously need some help here!
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Hi Roos,
Its customization, its beyond of our support.
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Hi Rifat,

I understand that we have a major changing coming this 1st may.
But in my defence, i came here motivated by all that numerous posts about.. customisation!

So, let's say that I found out this forum just in time to close its doors. No soup for me!! ;)

Thanks anyway...
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