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Hi guys,

I replaced the LOGO on Oneclip, and the new logo is slightly 'wider' and bigger the original LOGO, which has caused the 'slogan' to drop down in position. The site is on a LOCALHOST, so I can't give login details.

Can you please help me with the .css I need to fix this?

Attached images shows the issue.

Also I would like to ADD an 'phone' ICON in the slogan text ]as well - before the phone number...
Is that possible?


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Accepted Answer
1) In Helix Options > Layout, change column size of Logo from "4" to "5" probably
and reduce column size of the menu from "8" to "7" and all should fit.

PLUS use this custom CSS:

#sp-header .logo-slogan {padding-left: 10px; }

2) Yes, Phone icon is also possible.

.logo-slogan::before {
font-family: fontawesome;
content: "\f095";
padding-right: 5px;

3) I hope you read Helix3 Documentation how to use custom CSS there.
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Hi Paul,

Yes your suggestion worked... and thanks for the phone icon custom.css info, that was perfect as well.


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you're welcome
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