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I am using your restora tem0plate, and I am working on the slideshow on the front page. In the title on the first slide, you can see it line break in the middle of the word. I can't seem to add a <br> (that doesn't work) so how can I get it to drop down a line with the whole text?
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Thanks for your query. Please use this css into your custom css and that'll solve the issue.

.sp-slider #sp-slider-item-1546329979693-num-0-key #sp-slider-inner-item-1546329979694-num-1-key {
width: 600px;

Here you'll find all about custom css https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/helix-framework/helixultimate#documentation-heading-1_8

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I know you think you answered this above, but not really. I have the same issue...

So any word that goes beyond the text area wraps underneath

e.g. We have in our development site the sentence 'Welcome to The Crown Inn and Restaurant' which results in

Welcome to Th
e Crown Inn an
d Restaurant

In other words, the length of the sentence is character-based, and I'd like them to wrap around.

This is true on other slideshows in templates.

Can you help resolve this one for me ;)

Thanks Screenshot 2019-09-06 17.17.42.png
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