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  2. Friday, 18 March 2016

how can I change the button and text colour in the slider?
I use the macro template.

Accepted Answer
good question.
But in Macro you can have 2 different kinds of Slider addon, but ok let's try.

Full With Slider
.sppb-slider-wrapper.sppb-slider-fullwidth-wrapper .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-bg .container .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-text a, .sppb-slider-wrapper.sppb-slider-fullwidth-wrapper .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-bg .container .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-text h1, .sppb-slider-wrapper.sppb-slider-fullwidth-wrapper .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-bg .container .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-text h1 small {
color: red;

.sppb-carousel-pro-text p {color: blue;}
.sppb-carousel-pro-text {color: green;}

please use them inside custom.css file, which should be created in your template/css folder.
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