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  2. Friday, 14 August 2020
Hi Joomshaper coimmunity,

we're just realizing our first Pagebuilder Pro project. We love it for its speed and editing abilities (besides editing tables). But this topic is for a future request. What is driving me nuts is this:

  • In slider modules i have all the possibilities to control and adjust the height of the shown pictures.
  • But i don't find options for the width.
    I want to have all my images allways shown with the full width.
    Depending on the width, the proportional correct height has to be determined by pagebuilder - and shown.
    If screen resolution exceeds image resolution: OK. Show the image in its original size or scale it to the screen.

Please help me: What are the settings for this wish?

Accepted Answer
Hello henrich.media,
Thank you for your question. Please go to section settings and turn on Fluid Row. Screenshot_113.png

- Best regards
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