1. Medico
  2. Saturday, 23 May 2020
i have send error to our hosting provider
and the dent to me this massge

http://www.hurghada-surgery.com. We see that the error is being caused by a coding error in the ~/public_html/components/com_spsimpleportfolio file. The error appears to be that the spmedicalParseRoute function is being redeclared in this file while it was already decalred in /home/hurghad1/public_html/components/com_spmedical/router.php. Below, you can find the specific error that was output:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare spmedicalParseRoute() (previously declared in /home/hurghad1/public_html/components/com_spmedical/router.php:150) in /home/hurghad1/public_html/components/com_spsimpleportfolio/router.php on line 103

We attempted to comment out this function in the /home/hurghad1/public_html/components/com_spsimpleportfolio/router.php file, however this resulted in a different function also being redeclared. These are coding errors that a web developer will need to assist you in correcting. It is recommended that you reach out to a web developer, or the developer of these components to see if a fix is available.

plz i need your help
Accepted Answer
fixed by now.
I installed you older version of SP Simple Portfolio v1.8
we have to check code deeper after weekend.
So keep at it's now. Wait for v2.0

Good webmaster always makes a website backup before update.
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For your wonderful support
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