1. Finatic
  2. Monday, 31 August 2020
I have changed the Home menu to default to a particular home page.
I have unpublished all other home page menus and pages.
Yet I still not seeing the home page I have attached to the menu.

I have cleared cache

Below I have attached three images

1 - My menu showing the page I linked to
2 - The Frontend editor view in SPPB of that page
3 - What I am actually seeing on the website

What is missing or is this a bug?

I have a similar type experience in the Helix Style see this link on what I logged Helix U styling not updating when going into Helix U
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Accepted Answer
If you have enabled Joomla plugin for multilanguage, check all Menus - one of them should be "Home" which direct to old page. Many beginner webmasters forget about it.
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  2. Finatic
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Yes thanks that resolved most of the issue. Another thing learnt.

The only issue I have is the Helix U style. If I look at that it doesn't reflect the logo and fonts that I am seeing on the frontend.
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  2. Finatic
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