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  2. Tuesday, 06 August 2013
Hey Guys,

Hello. I am very impressed with the work you guys do on all your templates and that is why I spent the money to become a Joomshaper member for life. The modules and add-ons are simple and fantastic. Now, currently I am working on developing a website for a company that I intern at because their current site is just terrible and old. I chose the Joomla Corpora template because I like the style and accessibility. What I am wondering is, is there any paper work necessary to approve the licensing of the site before I launch it?

In addition, before I launch, is there a way I could send you guys a copy of the site perhaps in a .jpa from akeeba backup so you guys could check for errors in the code, or to ensure that there is nothing "legally" wrong with the site itself? I ask this because I did like the customized HTML code in the SP user 1 and user 2 portion of the website and essentially just copied it.

Please let me know.


P.S. I attached a screen shot of the copied HTML code in the User two position and attached it.
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1. No, you don't need anything before launch the site.
2. Just upload the site in a temporary directory and send us the link then we will check issues and let you know.
3. Sorry for the unexpected delay as we were in EID vacation for last few days. Thanks for understanding.
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