1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Sunday, 28 September 2014
I have noticed that if you hand install News Show SP 2 for the newsplus template that you do not see the Show More News Button under the data source, but if you install the quick start pack for newsplus you get this button.

How do you fix this issue?
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This is an acceptable answer but not a total expectable answer. I feel you guys do a good job at developing templates and products for Joomla, but you guys are inconsistant. When you publish things for people to download after purchasing a subscription, people have to come to the support forum, because there is something missing from the templates or extensions, because it doesn't match the demo that is created for it, or there are files missing. If you are going to setup a demo and tweak the demo to make it look fancy so people buy a subscription then at least demo the true template or extension how it was built, or add the tweaks to the template or extension so people get what they see. Also, I have purchased templates in the past and they didn't work as designed, because all of the files were not included in the template. If you guys were more consistant on creating / publishing your templates and extensions then you wouldn't have so many support requests put in.

Also, I see you still have 1.5 Joomla templates on your site. People may still run Joomla 1.5 I do not know why as it is insecure, but my thought is you guys should upgrade those to work with the newest version of Joomla, or dump them completely and offer no support for 1.5 if you haven't stopped doing it already. Just a thought.
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In default design the button didn't exist. If you want the button then open the module, go to article layout and make yes on show read more option.
If I turn on readmore it gives me a read more link at the bottom of the articles not the More button on the top section of the article category on the front page. I am looking at this section.
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Here is the button on the front page.
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I already told that in the design the read more button don't exist. For that reason this button didn't designed. If you want to use this button then you have to do css.
Then why don't you guys go out and repackage the News Show SP 2 module like I did from the newsplus template quick start, and publish it on your site for download, so when people get the template and the extensions like newsplus they can set it up themselves like the demo. If you guys are going to setup a demo template, and say here are the extensions for the site then people should be able to at least set the site up themselves with no quick start the same way your demo is setup on your site.

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