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  2. Friday, 02 August 2019
I want to buy a Shopin template (Quickstart Pack)

1. How to rename Quickstart Pack it under our domain?
2. How to increase product-qty buttons?
3. The cart is cut in the mobile version!

screen attached

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ad 1) It's not an easy process, we have some tips in Helix3 documentation > How to rename Helix3 template. It's part of code customization, so it's beyond support.

ad 2) Also in Helix3 documentation there are tips on how to use custom CSS. Please read.
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ad 1) why you need rename quickstart, this package is only to unzip folders and files in your root folder. I don't understand.

ad 2) Using custom CSS, probably a single line is needed.

ad 3) Don't forget there are several hundred different phones, with different screen resolution. So to make any correction we have to know about what resolution we are talking about. Beside using fingers it's easier to touch bigger buttons than smaller ones. Not everyone has small fingers, there are also fluffy guys.
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Hi Paul!
I have poor English, but Google’s translation is not entirely correct.

I need:

1. Rename not the Quickstart Pack, but the template inside.
After installation, the Shopin template is named in my opinion.
2. I want to increase the +/- buttons in the product card. In css I did not find where to do this.
3. Checked on the phone Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone8 Plus
the cart is not rebuilt.
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Thanks Paul!
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ad 3) This custom CSS may help

@media (max-width: 540px) {
.view-carts .j2store-cart table.j2store-cart-table tbody td {padding: 10px 8px;}
.view-carts .j2store-cart .btn {padding: 10px;float: right;}

iphone 7/8 view after using it

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