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I've been using Shopin, and I like Helix so much. My question is: Does the quickstart package contain J2store pro components or come with the free one, so I should buy subscription for J2store?
Also, I couldn't find any documentations regarding any shortcodes, effects used in the demo site. Is it the only way to discover the full potentials to install quickstart please? I'd rather avoid this, and set up everything from scratch by for example following some docs.

Just to note: the automatic update tab is still missing from the template, I guess it's possible only to edit the template xls file for now?

Accepted Answer
J2Store Free - we cannot deliver premium/commercial versions without deal with its developer.
This same we do with HikaShop, AcyMailing.
About missing Update tab, someone from us forgot to add, here is solution how to fix it:
In 99% cases I suggest always to install QuickStart on test subdomain or localhost (WAMP) for test purposes.
It will take you extra 10min, but less questions and doubts.
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