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  2. Tuesday, 07 July 2020
Hi, I'm working on a test site http://www.csvfoggia.eu before transferring everything to the original site http://www.csvfoggia.it. In homepage I crete, with SP Page Builder 4 box for category news. I fixed the height of the box for a better allineation. The problem is that if I activate the button "read all" the button is not positioned correctly at the end of the box but near the first news as you can see n the attached image. How can i resolve the issue? Thank's. Domenico
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Hello csvfoggia,
Apology for the delay. I have replied to your latest post and hence marking this as resolved.

- Best regards
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I am sorry, but it is not correct to write that the post has been resolved. It's not true! It is still being worked on, if anyone is working on it.
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