1. Politist
  2. Tuesday, 14 March 2017
We are having the following issues:

- Sticky menu not working after removing the shopping cart
- Carousel and Carousel Pro doesn't function. Once saved, it doesn't show any of the text and shrinks down the background area
- Video links to Youtube instead of opening a shadow box
- When setting responsive options in front end editor, the selections do not save. After reopening, the button goes back to being disabled.

The site in question is:
Accepted Answer
Looks perfect!

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Could you please send me your website administrator login details via pm (personal message) ? So that I can check it for you.

Note : Don’t forgot to send me this forum post url.

Thank You.
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  2. Politist
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HI there

Can you check the site again and let me know is there any error you have found now.

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