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  2. Saturday, 17 December 2016
I having an issue with POLITIST and the search is not working/formatting correctly. From what I gather the search container is missing a wrapper (difference between the demo and my install)

<div class="top-search-wrapper col-sm-12">

What am I missing in the install to have this wrapper - I have the politist-top-search class on the module.
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are you using standard search module or smart search module?
Because we added style only for first type of module.
if you can share your site URL.
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I am using the standard search module.

Comparing the demo code and the site code, it is definitely the div.top-search-wrapper that is missing from my site that is causing the problem, I just can not find where is is being left out - both the css and the html override coding are consistent with the demo.

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In our demo , I saw only this
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