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  3. Thursday, 19 November 2015

It seems there's a problem with the Joomla's core search module on Helix framework. For some reason the image that I've set for the saarch button is not showing.
I'veuploaded the right file type to the right loation and yet, nothing. This happend to me both on Helix II and on Helix III.

Maybe something wrong with the template override that you've made?

Will appriciate your help in this matter.

Thank you in advance,

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For some reason, not sure why, Joomshaper decided to comment out the code for Joomla's Search module option to set image as search button.
For anyone encountering this issue, just go to the HTML folder under helix 3 template, locate the mod_search folder, edit the default.php file and remove the comment out of the first code section. This will enable the option back again.


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Please provide URL to the page where you have this search module and the full URL to the image you would like to use
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