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Hi, I was was having an error and I am on the to fix it. I was deleting my subfolder where I create a new site. I was having an Akeeba backup but with them the frontend was not working only the backend with a much older serverbackup the site goes open in front and backend too. The only thing is with that I lost stuff.
I was thinking maybe I can copy then only the pagebuilder stuff from the newer backup-file manualy back to the site like the pages and configuration files and modules. But I have to know where I found all. One place I found that is under "/administration/components/com_sppagebuilder" but where I found all the rest?

Regards Manuel
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Your question is a little bit beyond support, but here are few useful tips.
1) SP Page Builder is an extension - and to work correctly it requests files in those folders:

2) AND tables in the database (which contain all content, this is the most important part)

3) Anytime you can just reinstall (install again) SP Page Builder package to fix files.

4) Joomla 3.9x has to work correctly to allows all extensions work. So make sure that all Joomla core files exist.
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Thanks all is fixed.
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You're welcome.
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