1. Optima
  2. Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Hello, in sharper optima when I am in template edit style i can not make changes the save buttton do not work and i can not log out to the administrator panel.
Please help me.

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I have the same problem, nothing is saved when I want to change things. the size of a typo or added the css ... nothing is recorded. I deleted all possible caches

but no solution, I even uninstall the template on award-winning manuellment too and handed the same problem with a new template on 2 of my sites
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  2. Optima
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I have the same problem: saving does not work. If I want to turn off in the template under the settings (for example, the preloader) and go to save, the memory character (small circle) always runs through and nothing is stored.
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  2. Optima
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Sometimes you have to install Helix II template to make sure that all helix plugins would be updated correctly.

Next time choose template based on Helix Ultimate or Helix3, not Helix II.
Less problems, more features, longer support.
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  2. Optima
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