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  2. Wednesday, 15 March 2017

RTL mobile menu is not working fine, same as original demo: http://demo.joomshaper.com/2016/politist/index.php/ar/

I checked the forum and added these codes to rtl.less but that doesn't fixed the problem.

"body.rtl.offcanvas .offcanvas-menu {
left: 0;
body.rtl .offcanvas-menu {
right: 320px !important;

Also, how can I add telegram icon to the social media links?
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Thanks for being with us.
Replace this code into with your previous code rtl.less

body.rtl.offcanvas .offcanvas-menu {
left: 0;
right: auto;
body.rtl .offcanvas-menu {
left: -320px;
right: initial;
-webkit-transition: all .4s;
transition: all .4s;

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