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  2. Wednesday, 18 March 2020
I figured out the below issue on my own. I found your file. Another over ride issue I have is the login button that Solidres has. They say the template has theirs turned off. How can I turn it back on so people can log in to there account.

On the cabins page (https://www.thecasitasatgrandlake.com/index.php/cabins) all the way at the bottom where Facilities and Polices are there are 2 categories that are empty. I asked Solidres how to get rid of the empty ones (Services in facilites and Children and extra beds in polices). The instruction they gave me was to delete them from this file.
2. You can remove them in this file:

I did that and they are still showing up. Solidres say the reason why is because the template is over riding their files that the resort template files need to be change. So can you tell me where I need to go and what file I need to change to fix this? Thanks
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. I have checked my end login issue & it works fine my end. Besides, your second issue not found. Would you please share a screenshot?

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What I am still needing help on is just the login in button for Solidres to show up. You said it worked for you. What did you do? I asked Solidres why I can't see it and they said that the template is overriding it. They couldn't get it to work either.
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Hi there, I have replied to your forum post. Thanks
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