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  2. Tuesday, 11 November 2014
I have found a megamenu plugin that I found to be a little easier to use than the Helix megamenu. How do I delete or uninstall the helix menu function from the website? I also need it to disappear in responsive mode. Even though I am using a different menu plugin, the Helix responsive mobile menu is still there. Thanks!

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You can delete helix menu by 2 ways:
> First Option 'delete the menu position from the layout builder. You assign another position name there instead of menu.'
> Another Option: delete helix mega menu feature from templates/index.php file. Code is :
<?php $helix->addFeatures('hornav') //Main navigation ?>

For another mega menu pluging please, ask their forum.

- Thanks
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Two things...

1) The line of code you pasted is not in my template/index.php file.

2) I have tried eliminating the menu position in the layout builder, but the menu still appears on mobile devices and tables.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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for hide in mobile use this css:

.sp-main-menu-toggler{display: none !important;}
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