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  2. Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Currently on my website which is using K2 to publish, and the plugin is working as it should, however the social buttons are appearing in both category listing and item view of my articles. The thing is, I don't want them to appear in the category listing as it's causing some overlay problems in IE9 for my template.

You can find my site over at this link. Click on home K2 and see the two sample MacDonald article I'm using for testing.
My website

It's abit hard to explain, but what happen is my site is set to display the preview when the image/article is hovered upon which works fine in FireFox. However in IE9, when I move my mouse down towards the social buttons in the preview, the preview disappears because there's another article behind that.

Apart from that, the buttons doesn't display properly in IE9 as well if you compare with FireFox, u will see that some buttons are missing from the preview in category view. The digg button doesn't display as well in IE9.

Either way, I think the fastest way to fix the problem is to remove the social buttons from appearing in preview for category listing, but I can't find an option in the plugin for that. Could you help me with that? It would be much appreciated.
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Add this code any of your css file if you do not want to show SP Share in category listing page.
#k2Container .itemListView .spshare {display:none}
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Hi, I tried adding that code at the top of K2.css however the buttons are still showing up in item list view.
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Oops my mistake. Try now.
#k2Container.itemListView .spshare {display:none}
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Awesome! It works beautifully now. Thanks so much for the help!

The digg button still doesn't show up in IE9. But I can just disable that button in the plugin so it doesn't affect much. Still might be a problem for ppl who would like to use digg. Just providing feedback. But if you have the fix for that as well, I'll be more than happy to implement that.
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The problem not with the plugin but with the API of facebook, twitter etc.
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