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  2. Monday, 26 November 2018
Hi there :)

First this are maybe not something that are under your support, maybe it´s a question for J2store but I start here becauce it looks like something that are owerwritten or css costumized some place.

My problem are with the Related products module as I bought with the PRO version of J2store.

1- It looks like there is already something installed similar to the related product module that I have bought from J2store.

2- It seems that the J2store module can not be allowed to work when it is installed into the position - shopin-product-details.

3- All settings from both the J2store module and from the Menu item view options in the Main menu appear to be disabled or dismissed somewhere.

4- I think that's not J2store's Related Module that's the problem, but because it's customized by you when you create and design the shopin template ?

5- Basically, I wish that only J2store's related products module is active because it can be configured and customized in many ways, and personally, I think it gets a bit messy when J2store's own modules can not work in their own developed solution.

Have a nice day:)
Best Regards
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Hello again

I have thought about the possibilities in the above issue, and maybe there is a simpler solution that can be relatively easily changed and I have attached a print screen that shows what I mean.

Basically, I would like to have disabled the setup that automatically creates Related Products when inserting product relationships into J2store cart but if there is an option to change the setup to the way I have shown in the attached screen print it may also be a good solution.

I looked all over but can not find the configuration that is automatically creates Related Products and therefore I can not change the picture sizes, remove the product title, remove price, remove add to chart button or change it two show details, and link the image directly to the displayed product page.

Hope you can help me :)

Best regards
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