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  2. Sunday, 08 December 2019
When trying to buy SP Page Builder Pro I guess I made a mistake and receive the 59$ templates & extensions download.
I would like to be refunded in order to buy the 49 $ SP Pro Page Builder
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Thanks for your query. I'm forwarding your issue to our sales team. That's what I can do for you.

-Best Regards
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Dear Support Team!

I develope an ecommerce webapge for my client. I use SP page builder pro with Helix. My client was purchased Arino template from your webpage, because he wanted to use it to uplifting the Helix basic skin.
I download the template and try to use it, but no success. After I read the documentation I realized, that it works only J2store:(((( (I use Eshop for joomla)
I tell him, that I can't use it for this project, and my client became very sad:( He cost $49 for nothing:(

I kindly ask you to refund this purchase, beacuse we can't use it at all.

I hope, it is possible...

Thanks in advance

Csaba Török
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