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  2. Friday, 07 August 2020
Hey there,
when on the general products page of my website (Link here) I'd like to not go to the portfolio page when selecting a product, but go to the real product page that I linked in the portfolio pages. I created a manual redirect link for the customers, but that should only be a stopgap measure until the issue is resolved.
As I see it there are 2 options to resolve this:
1. There is another page template that looks similar to the current one but does not use the portfolio extension
2. There is a way to automatically redirect the visitors from the portfolio page to the proper product page
If there are any other alternatives that I missed I am open to suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have pictures of the backend and frontend of my website attached. The second to last picture shows the portfolio page with the link and the last picture shows the page that the link redirects to. Due to the attachment limit, I have not included the backend portion of the products page. If that is also needed I can attach it to a further comment.
Best regards
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. Is it possible to share a screencast video of the full scenario?

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