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I have a kind of complicated situation, dealing with the problem of multilingual site.

So, Croatian is my native language, English is secondary.
In Croatian, login form works well - in login module I put that after login, it redirects user to Kontrolna ploča (=control panel), and after logout, it redirects user to Croatian homepage.

For the English version, I duplicated the login module, an put that after login, it redirects to the control panel, and after logout, it redirects user to English homepage. Redirection after logout goes well, but after login, user goes to the CROATIAN LOGOUT page.

This has no logic at all. I've tried everything.

Could I ask you to check this out?

I believe it would be enough if you used only english language, and you can see that under the LOG IN menu item, submenu item is CONTROL PANEL where I want my user is being redirected after login.

I believe you have all the data needed.

Thank you
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Can you please recheck the English login module settings, logout redirect is configured to English home page.

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