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  2. Thursday, 28 June 2018
I am starting a new website. I have loaded SP Pagebuilder and the Knight template.
I used the quickstart for the template so I naturally want to go in and change some of the menu items.
However each time I click on any menu item to edit I receive the attached error message.
Would really appreciate some assistance in resolving this issue.
Many thanks
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Accepted Answer
You have to update Helix3 framework !
There are two ways:

1) Extensions: Update > Clear cache > Find updates > Mark all plugins with "helix3" name > Click "Update" to install new version
2) Download Helix3 template and install, it will update framework too.

After, let me know.

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update Helix3 framework
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I've the same issue into joomla 3.8.10 clean version.
After installed a newskit template it's impossible to manage the joomla item menu.

I've tried this patch but the errore remain plg_system_helix3_v2.5.4.zip

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Hi Paul
Thank-you that was absolutely perfect.!!! :p
I can now go into the menus and make changes.
Thank-you so much for taking the time to direct me.
Have an awesome day.
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