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  3. Sunday, 10 May 2020
Hi! I want to install revibe quickstart pack . But whenever I click install, it shows the start of installation process and then redirects back to overview tab. I also tried changing InnoDB To MyISAM in sql file but there is no change. Can you help me with this issue?
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You can follow this process below:

--- BTW we have more tips here:
I've checked Google...
and I have found some useful info:

1) It means that you are using an older version of database.

2) The fulltext indexes are supported by MySQL from version 5.6 and by MariaDB from version 10.0.5.

3) InnoDB engine supports FULLTEXT indexes only since MySQL 5.6.
And before that version, only MyISAM engine supported full text search.

4) Simple find in sql file ENGINE=InnoDB replace with ENGINE=MySIAM
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I upgraded my Xampp and also after adding "set_time_limit(3000)" line after "define('_JEXEC',1);" it got installed. Thanks.
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you are most welcome:)
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