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  2. Saturday, 29 December 2012
What the hell is this ....

I have just tried to bye shaper neo template from your website and I got an error after submitting my card details

Failed to authorize: Do Not Honor

in my first attempt the name and address was
nasir iftekhar
block no 18, opposite church road, chichawatni, 57200.

I got failed to authorized do not honor error

in my second attempt I thought may be this is an issue regarding billing address on credit card so i change details as
Naeem Ahmed 797-E ravi block allama iqbal town lahore, 5400

again I got failed to authorized; do not honor error

suddenly I got 2 transaction messages on my cell from my bank 1 is $20 and second is $ 20 = $40.

I did complete transaction with 50% discount code "GOODBYE2012"

Please confirm me asap what has happened as my total amount should be $20 for shaper neo and $25 for domain copyrights removal. I have no email about order confirmation or subscriber area access information.

I have sent my credit card number to [email protected]

Waiting your quick reply reply
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Please, PM your email address.
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i have sent you my email address in pm. reply me quickly as my client is getting firedup
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