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  2. Tuesday, 08 August 2017
On the Product pages, there seems to be a cut off limit for the intro text for each J2store item. How can this limit be increased?
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change from 100 to 200 or 250
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Thank you very much.

Also, how do I get rid of "Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0" from the Specification tab (without turning the specifications tab off - as I have other filters)?
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Or by settings if possible
or hide via CSS.
Check on J2Store manuals
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which settings?
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Guess what... some facts:
In those files:
all tabs in product detail view are defined

and there is code:

<?php if($this->params->get('item_show_product_specification')):?>
<li class="<?php echo isset($set_specification_active) && $set_specification_active ? 'active' : '';?>" >
<a href="#specs" data-toggle="tab"><?php echo JText::_('J2STORE_PRODUCT_SPECIFICATIONS')?></a>
<?php endif;?>

Which check if specification is active - if is not - does not display it.
So you have to read J2Store manual as I mentioned before.
Because this part of code was not:
a) developed by us
b) overridden by us, too

Get lucky , be real superman.
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