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  2. Wednesday, 29 August 2018
My product page, main image is out of position.
How do i correct the image position? Refer to attachment.
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Please use this css into your custom css to get that look

.j2store-single-product .simple-product .span6:first-child {
display: flex;
flex-direction: row-reverse;
justify-content: flex-end;
.zoom .j2store-product-main-image {
margin-bottom: 10px;
width: 100%;
.zoomImg {
height: 900px !important;
width: 1000px !important;
.additional-image-list {
margin-right: 10px !important;
.additional-image-list li img {
margin-bottom: 10px !important;

Here is the custom css field https://prnt.sc/ijudw8

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I am currently migrating from weebly to Joomla. Hence I am using a test environment @ http://www.myconstructarea.com/index.php/store/raw-diet-chicken-recipe

After which i will port over. Currently http://www.myconstructarea.com/index.php/store/raw-diet-chicken-recipe is having alignment issue. Please assist. ty.
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Thanks for your query. If i'm not wrong is this your site https://www.justacatlover.com/store.html ?
If so then it's looking fine here http://prntscr.com/ko3fhw
Or if i'm wrong then please share your site url here.

-Best Regards
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