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  2. Thursday, 18 July 2019
hello, in sp property when we have some characteristics selected and then we try to remove them all and we save the characteristics are still selected,

the system works only when we select another characteristic from the list and save, otherwise, if we remove all the features and save everything remains the same

how can we solve this issue? waiting for your help

(p.s. another problem that is not related to this one: we decided to remove the thumbnails to the pictures into the single property view because a lot of them where totally black, but the "big" picture works properly, what can be the reason of this beaviour? the image format? the image size? the converter that does not work properly?)

waiting for your reply i wish you all the best
Accepted Answer
Thanks for your query. You need to keep at least one feature text as selected. You can't totally remove all the features once you've selected any in this version. If you don't need any feature text then you keep them empty when you create them.
It's already in our todo list and that's what i can do for you.

-Best Regards
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ok, thank you for the fast reply!!!
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You are always welcome.
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Hi there, i get this error when i try enter property detail page can you help me with this?

[name, type, prefix]: default, html, sppropertyView

Thanks in advance
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