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  2. Monday, 23 September 2019
Dear I write because the truth I am having problems with some templates to start install the Finatic from the Quickstart and I want to leave the top 2 header enabled and instead of those options that appear there social networks and contact data and it does not let me , it should come as in the helix 3 template with the respective positions for one to be able to edit them, in addition another error is that one makes the canbs in the colors and after a moment everything returns like this. and in the helix 3 ultimate templates the same thing happens especially if you only install the template not the Quickstart, as a recommendation they should retake the templates as the design of the helix 3 had in terms of handling the positions, and also please check all the templates based on helix 3 ultimate such as YAMAS, this template when installed in a joomla installed from softaculus comes out with a background like pink or red that cannot be changed and the same goes for templates such as Giver, Wayne Corp, Restora and As for the SP builder, please check the section of calling articles because I already notified you before if you add that module the articles are ugly, I attach again the image where I indicate which section is faulty.
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Thank you for your opinion/feedback, I hope that our developers will implement some of your ideas soon.
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Thank you for accepting my suggestions, I will be looking forward to the latest updates
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