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  2. Thursday, 20 July 2017

I have a problem about updating of the Shopin template
There is no Update Settings tab

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Accepted Answer
Please temporary:

1) Edit that file : templateDetails.xml -in template folder
2) Add this here (screenshot)

<!--Start Update Tab-->
<fieldset name="licenseupdate">
<field name="joomshaper_email" type="email" label="HELIX3_JOOMSHAPER_EMAIL" description=" " ></field>
<field name="joomshaper_license_key" type="text" label="HELIX3_JOOMSHAPER_LICENSE_KEY" description=" " ></field>
<!--End Update Tab-->

3) Save/Upload changes
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hmm sorry, we will check it soon.
Temporary please download a new version of template from our website and re-install.
Link: https://www.joomshaper.com/downloads/template/shopin
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Everything is ok.
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