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  2. Thursday, 11 January 2018
Hi, im using the shopin template ind i have an issue with the shop style.

When i publish a new product if i use product type: Simple the shop style works fine but if i change it to product type: Configurable the shop style gets lost. the title is different, colors are missing, image size is not showing propertly.

Here is the example.

Product type simple:

Product type: configurable

The problem is that with product type simple i cant use different sizes or colors.

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Hi there,

Please share your site login access. I will give you CSS code for the fix.

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Added this css code. Please check now.

.configurable-product .j2store-mainimage {
position: relative;
.configurable-product .j2store-mainimage {
padding-left: 140px;
.configurable-product .j2store-product-additional-images {
position: absolute;
left: 15px;
top: 0;
.configurable-product img.j2store-product-main-image.j2store-img-responsive {
width: 100%;

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