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  2. Monday, 04 March 2019
Im havin trouble with the multilanguage menu on my site. If I set the menu to a layout position it works just fine (ES EN), however there is the "Navigation" setting on Helix ultimate to select a menu, If I choose a menu there, it wont switch when other lang is selected. In other words I can see the language switcher wont work with the menu set on helix default menu, it wont also change the footer. I need to display 2 languages of menu, and two footer. I was checking at the default Gazette qs install , and yes it wont change the menu of footer language with the language selector either, it doesnt make any sense!!!. Also I cant believe if I create menus on Joomla they display vertically only and there is no setting to make them vertical. Im migrating from Wordpress but find this really bad. Please let me know of any workarrounds to display menus and footer in different languages.
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