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  2. Friday, 17 January 2020
i from Fiumicino (Italy), this is my first time with SPPB and travus,i have the manual on my hand but i can't understand where i make mistakes...

i have installed all in multilanguage mode: 6 languages.
So i have 6 menù one for language and one preconfigurated menù with all voices that is originally visualized in all language and in all pages, like how come from the inizial installation....

language switcher is active and publicized....

now i have started to edit content in it, and connecterd all of it with relativex menù it and set up how language the Italian....

now if i click on the it flag..... nothing change on the site and i continue to visualize the inizial preconfigured menù with demo voice....

i know that i m doing some error somewhere but i can t find it....

seriusly need and advice
Accepted Answer
Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVwUcJAMKNc
the rules are common for all templates.

Search also tips on Italian Joomla Forum,
we have many advanced webmasters-customers from Italy too,
and as I know, talking face-face may help you much more than any tutorial.
I was on one Joomla Day in Turino, I have met people using Helix & SPPB for a long time.
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