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  2. Friday, 06 September 2019

please take a look on two pages and help me to find the possible reason for the different behaviour of the addon Slideshow (full width). We use the template Shaper Oneclip

page one: https://dokay.de, here everything works fine.
page two: https://dokay.de/index.php/officeforms, here, as you can see, the layout is corrupted.

The pages use different clones of the same template. The custom css code has been copied from page one's template to that assigned to page two.

Unfortunately I don't find the reason for the different outcome.

Any hints are highly appreciated.

best regards, Hans Friedlaender from Germany
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Hi there,

Thank you for your query to sharing with us. Your query is very useful to us. Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you send me the Joomla administrator access?

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Hi there.

Just saved and loaded the home page slideshow OfficeForms page. Now it works fine. Please change your content on this page and let me know if you found again the issue.


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