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  2. Friday, 21 August 2020
Hi, I'm working with helix ultimate. I'm using the doctor's appointment addon. I have changed the addon, thats was fine, the issue is that the child combobox don't show me the selection results, in web version its work well, but It don't working in mobile version

Can you help me please?
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Hi, I've been trying JS in and out of main.js, but the problem is the same, don't working in mobile. Please I need resolve this issue.

This is the jQuery code:

//medicals combobox

$('#speciality').on('change', function (event) {
var id = $('#speciality').val();

type: 'POST',
url: '/components/com_sppagebuilder/addons/appointment_form/medical.php',
data: {'id': id},
beforeSend: function () {
success: function (response) {


$('#medical').show() }, 1000);

the medical.php return the medical list.

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