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  2. Monday, 28 April 2014
we are using joomshaper financial news.
When loading page front end in safari we observe html code instead of the actual page. when pressing refresh we get the page to load. This is causing severe problems.
Could you please provide a clue as to why this happens?

Our site url is www,prismanews.gr

please contact me asap if you require access to the backend

Thank you
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Hi, Just now we have checked, your website works fine. Please remove joomla cache and your browsers cache and refresh again

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Thank you for the reply.
Perhaps I was not so clear to my description of the problem. (My initial reaction to the report of this error was the same as yours.)

The start page loads always fine in Safari. It is when you try to click on the slide show or any data aware component that you get 1 out of 2 html code instead of the actual page. You have to be a bit persistent to observe the problem. I have several reports from readers and staff that work with apple devices. Our rating has dropped rapidly on this category.

We are using jot cache and have the default cache disabled. This setup was working fine on the previous template.

I have managed to reproduce the error several times just now. It is consistent with apple devices and safari on windows too. Don't have a problem with firefox or chrome on windows. (I just made a clean installation of Safari on a windows pc to test this)

Searching a bit on the net I found a few people mentioning they fixed this by fiddling with some php file headers or else but can't find something specifically relevant to my template.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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