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  2. Monday, 09 March 2020
Hello, I have a problem with the GIVER template.
I installed Joomla then I installed the GIVER template with the template data.
Following the installation, I have the top menus of the admin which are duplicated, in the main menu, all the menu items are duplicated and in front, I only have 404 when I navigate the menus
I have already reinstalled 2 times the last version of Joomla (3.9.15) + the template and I still have the same problem!
Thank you for your feedback.
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Mark all menu items [x] click Rebuild - it should help.
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it happens when you have more than one language installed.
If this is clean Joomla, please install it again, but this time with single language only, then install Giver
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Thanks for your feedback.
I reinstalled a Joomla En then followed the manip to install Giver template.
Now, when I try to modify the menu, I have the following message:
Failed publishing 1 menu item as at least one of its parents is unpublished or one of its children is checked out.
Unable to publish the main menu items ... They unpublish directly.
I tried to duplicate the SP Page Builder pages but still nothing :(
Thank you for your feedback.
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