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Blog options tab
1 / On a site the radio buttons are displayed well (cf image) but not on http://v2.alterweb.info/fr/proposez-un-document
What is the reason, how to make it work normally?

Documents tab
2 / I have a display problem with the radio buttons.
How to have the same view on the documents tab as with the "blog option" tab with a new line

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Thank you for your quick answers.

1/ Great :)

2/ I am :( for this case.
I never ask you for the backend. It works * with your template:
but not here :o
I guess it's a javascript conflict but I can not debug this !

* So I think my suggestion to have the same display of radio buttons on the choice of the tab can be generalized to any type of radio button ;)
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ad 2) Front-end style is different (more raw, simple) than in back-end, where "Isis" template is used.
To improve the design of it you have to add extra CSS. This customization is on your hands only.

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ad 1) If we talk about

There is no space to keep all of them, so custom CSS must be used to fix it

#jform_com_fields_support {display: block;}

#jform_com_fields_support .form-check.form-check-inline {min-width: 110px;}

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