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  2. Wednesday, 27 March 2019
Hi Guys,

We've loaded up our Quickstart and also loaded the finance template onto a dev site.

There's some styling missing from our homepage modules, it seems that preset1.css isn't loading. I've checked templates/shaper_finance/css/presets/ and preset1.css is definitely there, it's just not styling the homepage.

Quickstart address - http://naturalpeppermintoil.com/quickstart/finance/
Dev site address - https://www.crcore.org.au/new/

I'm new to Joomshaper template so please excuse my ignorance but is there somewhere I need to add the filepath to this css file or something I'm missing? (would assume the different preset css files would load dependant on the preset you choose in the template manager)

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
Accepted Answer
on both sites in source code link to preset1.css exist
and CSS from it is loaded

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Hmmmm....OK- I must be missing some demo classes or something.

I will look into it further.

Do I have to mark posts as solved once they're completed?
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Yes, next time just hover next to "Replay" section under good answer and "Accept as answer" link will appear.

Have a nice day, if it's a night for you, go sleep. :D
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