1. Spectra
  2. Friday, 13 July 2012
Where are those portfolio pics?!? I have searched articles, modules, categories and menus and can't find them.
I see them in Media Manager but I want to upload them without a link taking me to an article.

I see the article but I do not see the images in the article. Where are they?!?

Please hurry. I changed from Creativa to this template because Creativa is not a 2.5 template. :(

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Please Jhazzi read this documentation for Portfolio Pic and Shaper Spectra.

And we are very sorry for delay. Crativa will be upload within two days. Many many thanks.
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  2. Spectra
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How do you change the images in the SP Portfolio/Portfolio page on the Maxima templates. I can alter the text - as they are articles - but how do I update the corresponding pictures?

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  2. Spectra
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Hi camelotcomm1,
Open the article which already alter for text . See the right side have option "Images and links" . From here you can change the images. See the screenshot https://www.copy.com/s/7Kf0LDsUbCXd/portfolio.png

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  2. Spectra
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