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On the portfolio page of the rhino template it is not how I would like it to be laid out. Due to the template css built in, it makes it difficult to over ride.
I would much prefer the layout to be similar to the stellar template, main portfolio page masonry but preferably full width images - https://prnt.sc/twpfwg
When into the portfolio item - to look like this - https://prnt.sc/twpgug also preferable ALLOW to be full width(i.e. row fluid width).
I am happy to pay for support to change the Rhino portfolio to the Stella style.
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Hello Top,
Thank you for your question. Please download Stellar template (not the quickstart) from here: https://www.joomshaper.com/downloads/template/stellar and install on your Rhino template based site. Then go to menu assignment of Stellar template and assign Portfolio pages. You might need edit the Portfolio menu from your Main Menu.

- Best regards
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thank you, but that template uses helix ultimate, Rhino uses 2.4.7. It would be tricky to combine the 2 ??
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It is not that much tricky but definitely some workaround if you want to make it look good.

- Best regards
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