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Hi I raised this in the past and now see the portfolio component featured more as with the lovely new helix ultimate template
The issue I had and I am hoping you can say its changed is that when I did try to use it I was surprised that the articles it uses are not core joomla content but effectively articles built in just the portfolio component. So you cannot use it to display your joomla content you effectively have to rebuild any articles you would want to show in the portfolio component as well to display them.

This is very limiting and I had hoped the portfolio extension would mean I didnt have to use yootheme widgetkit which can do similar but with a variety of source material including core joomla content.

Is it on the cards to make the portfolio component compatible with joomla content so we no longer have the double handling of content if we want to use the portfolio style to show off our clients pages?
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Hi, indeed for some cases it can be problematic, but not only we in our component chosen this method of storage content. Maybe in future we will change this area, but so far you have to life with that or made code customization.

Thanks for understanding
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